Juridical and court practice

In court rights protection

If necessary, we will provide you with services in dispute resolution in civil, commercial and administrative matters

Accepting the assignment of doing business, we will pay attention to your interests as a whole, not just within the case. We will develop the necessary strategies and methods for effective solution for your most important questions.

We have the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical experience to protect your interests on the stages of a dispute, directly on their solution in the court, settlement agreement and execution of the court decision.

Our lawyers will help you during of court dispute about:

  • Protection of ownership or use, the separation of common property or the establishment of the procedure for its use;
  • Participants (shareholders) rights realization of the economic entity (corporate disputes);
  • Developer or investor rights in construction;
  • Real estate and land;
  • E-commerce and the Internet (intellectual property, copyright registration, delegation or withdrawal of domain names, etc.);
  • Violations of copyright and related rights, intellectual property rights;
  • Inadequate performance of contracts (for compulsory execution of an obligation in kind, collection of debts, compensation);
  • Damages (life, health, real estate);
  • Bankruptcy of banks, insurance companies;
  • Contracts execution with banks, insurance, leasing, debt Collection Companies;
  • Realization the subject of mortgage;
  • Non-fulfillment obligations by the Deposit Guarantee Fund (hereinafter — “DGF”) and the Motor Vehicle Insurance Bureau of Ukraine (MTIBU);
  • Appealing government and local government bodies’ decisions;
  • Violation of workers' rights (labor law);
  • Family relations (divorce, recognition of cohabitation with marriage, separation of property, determination of place of residence, establishment or cancellation of guardianship);
  • Protection of consumer rights.